The Survivor-Centered Advocacy Project (SCA Project) was developed under a deliberate vision for “research justice” that seeks to:

  1. Explicitly address the imbalances of power and privilege in traditional research relationships and dominant positivist frameworks determining what counts as “legitimate”knowledge production
  2. Operate from a strengths-based perspective that recognizes the assets that exist in all individuals and communities
  3. Honor and center the voices and lived experiences of impacted communities as adding critical and diverse voices to knowledge production
  4. Pursue engaged social justice scholarship in such a way that will ultimately benefit the lived experiences of our communities

These reports make recommendations for those wishing to do a CBPR project that holds historically marginalized communities at the center; and/or those attempting to align or deepen their practices according to what works for survivors from historically marginalized communities.

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June 2017; Revised March 2019

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