Gender Democracy Vs. Gender Inequality

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Gender Inequality

Gender inequality in the familial, social, and economic structures of our society is built on a foundation of sexism and misogyny. Gender violence is the most extreme expression of gender oppression: its presence tells us about the presence of inequality; the extent of the violence tells us about the extent of inequality.

In the United States:

What is Gender Democracy?

It is an ideal, a set of principles and goals where:

  • Relationships are not marked by gender-specific mechanisms of power and domination
  • All identities are seen as equally valid, are not marginalized or based on the traditional gender order
  • Patriarchal structures do not determine social relations, and gender plays no part in the distribution of labor, positional authority, or power

What will it take to move from gender violence to gender equality?

  • Making the analysis of gender central
  • Making equality central
  • Confronting and engaging community, culture
  • Stopping men’s violence
  • Building movements of solidarity
  • Redesigning power to be egalitarian
  • Replacing relationships of power with relationships of meaning

Resources on Gender Democracy & Inequality