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Pasifika Power & Control Wheel Translation Project, 2021

This project aimed to translate and develop educational resources and tools on GBV in indigenous Pasifika languages. The project aims to empower individuals, families, community-based and system responders, allied professionals, and the community-at-large with culturally responsive resources to address and prevent GBV in Pasifika communities. Resources include project report and glossaries and tools for Samoan, Chuukese, and Native Hawaiian communities.

PowerfuL Partnerships: Collaborative efforts to address human trafficking affecting AAPI communities, 2022

Alia El-Sawi, a Victim Assistance Specialist at the Department of Homeland Security, joins API-GBV for our first “fireside chat” hosted by our Executive Director Monica Khant. Drawing also from her previous role as the Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinator at a community-based organization that provides culturally-responsive services for survivors of human trafficking, Alia will discuss what can be done to increase coordination and communication between DHS agents and community-based advocates in responding to trafficking situations and minimizing trauma for survivors. The conversation will also illuminate challenges to current anti-trafficking efforts, including fear of reporting, human-trafficking’s concurrence with other forms of gender-based violence, and the abundant stereotypes around the trafficking of AAPI individuals.

API-GBV is Healing Advocates with ARP Funding

The Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence (API-GBV) is taking steps to replenish the collective spirit of domestic violence advocates fatigued by feelings of loss.  As one of three of the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA) Program’s Culturally Specific Special Issue Resource Centers, API-GBV is dedicating time and American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding to invest in advocates through a four-part healing series during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI Heritage Month).  

The move comes against a backdrop of an enduring pandemic and an unprecedented spike in hate crimes targeting Asian-Americans , among other present-day issues. The organization hosted listening sessions with advocates across the country, picking up on a recurring theme. 

Remembrance and Solidarity: API-GBV’s Statement on the One-Year Anniversary of the Atlanta Spa Shootings

On March 16, 2021 eight women and men, among them six Asian massage workers, were killed at spas in the Atlanta area. Though today marks one year since their loss reverberated through AAPI communities and beyond, the loss continues for their families and the community. Since then, more names have been added to the list of lives lost to anti-AAPI hate, as recently as this month in New York City.