Transforming Gender Roles

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Gender roles and gender violence are linked and it takes the power of many structural forces to keep reinforcing them. Without the tenacity and rigidity of patriarchy, traditional masculinity, violence against women and girls, frozen culture, the gendered division of labor, racism, and class and heterosexual privilege; structural inequality would be significantly eroded.

“We are transforming our culture to create violence-free lives and a world of gender justice.”

Asian advocate and community organizer

While the anti-domestic violence movement has been successful at building resources and recourses for battered women, it has not succeeded at stopping men’s violence. The latter cannot only be achieved by sending abusers to batter intervention programs. As a society, we need to make fundamental shifts – divesting our communities of misogyny and sexism, and transforming gender roles.

Resources on Transforming Gender Roles

Other Resources

National Resource Center on Sexual Violence: It’s Time…Talk about Gender Norms (2012)

World Health Organization: Promoting Gender Equality to Prevent Violence Against Women (2009)