Translated Crime Victim Compensation Form

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Translated crime victim compensation form

OVC is a state fund that provides victims of violent crimes (including sexual assualt, domestic abuse and trafficking) to provide financial support to cope with the impact of the crime. While some effects may relate to your physical or mental health, others may come in the form of finanial costs like funeral expenses or relocation services. To recieve compensation, you will be required to cooperate with law enforcement and submit an application in the state compensation program.

Please look for the state in which the incident happens and fill up the form. If you need an advocate’s help, click on the respective state and call the number of your agency.   

Languages of translated forms

Red states = English only

Dark Green states = English and Spanish

Light Green states = Multiple languages

Grey states = Unavailable

This is a living document. If you come across any differences, do email

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