THe VIllage: A Podcast with APi-GBV

The pandemic has illuminated the need for joint collaboration, information sharing, and learning between the public health and anti-violence fields to bring well-being and equity to all of our communities. This is particularly true when addressing the disproportionate impacts and lack of access faced by Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities (NHPIs), which remain among the most underserved populations in the U.S.

The Village Podcast features a series of virtual conversations with experts in the public health, anti-gender violence, community response, community development, and adjacent fields aimed at:

  • Raising visibility of the unique, intersecting impacts of COVID-19 on NHPI survivors of violence.
  • Emphasizing the importance of specialized approaches and interventions to support NHPI survivors and communities
  • Exploring opportunities for collective approaches between our parallel fields
Episode 1 | Intersections to Interactions: Building Culturally-Grounded Responses for Pacific Islander Communities

Release date: February 2022

Dr. Nia Aitaoto, Technical Assistance Lead for the National Pacific Islander COVID-19 Response Team joins us to reflect on the mobilization of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities to respond at the intersections of COVID-19 and gender-based violence, lessons learned, and recommendations for providers and practitioners who are working with these underserved communities.