New Year Wishes for Solidarity & Hope

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

2017 was a memorable year for the politics of solidarity starting with the women’s march and ending with feminism being the word of the year and silence-breakers being the person of the year.

2017 was a sobering year for reflecting on the timeless struggles of immigrants and refugees to build, harvest, learn, teach, seek safety, belong – and showing up for them at airports, courts, sanctuaries.

2017 was a year when our movement to end gender-based violence tightened its bonds with others, building reserves of social capital to keep fighting for social justice.

2018 will mean re-dedicating ourselves to advocating for survivors/victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, forced marriage, elder abuse, and other gendered harms so together we can push back on patriarchy and they can escape from it; so they can heal, love, laugh, and smile a lot.

In solidarity and hope,
Ada, Beckie, Biney, Chic, Deborah, Grace, Hai, Rachel, Sarah, Shirley, Susan, Wendy & Yein