With You: Queer and Trans Koreans Surviving Violence (2018) is a community-based research report about queer and trans Korean Americans and abuse [family violence, intimate partner violence]. It is also an effort to document and reflect on our own experiences. It is important for us to document especially because we are often excluded from both Korean community as well as mainstream conversations on domestic violence. We hope this report will help more queer and trans Korean survivors feel less alone and receive the kinds of support that they deserve.

위드유: 한인 퀴어/트랜스 폭력 생존자 경험을 중심으로 한 연구서 (2018)는 퀴어/트랜스 재미교포들이 경험하는 학대 (가정폭력, 연인폭력)를 다른 연구 보고서 입니다. 또한 이 보고서는 우리의 경험을 기록하고 반영하기 위한 노력입니다. 한인 퀴어/트랜스 폭력 생존자 경험에 대한 기록 및 정보는 가정폭력에 관한 미국 내 주류 담론 뿐만이 아니라 한인 커뮤니티에서도 종종 제외된다는 점에서 이 보고서는 중요합니다. 이 보고서가 퀴어/트랜스 한인 생존자들이 덜 외로울 수 있게, 또한 필요한 서포트를 받을 수 있도록 하는 일에 보탬이 되길 바랍니다.

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From a Spiral of Violence to a Whirlwind of Healing: Strengthening Advocacy for API LGBTQ Survivors

Domestic violence and intimate partner abuse have often been understood in terms of men’s violence against women. However, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer-identified individuals consistently experience intimate partner violence at similar rates as heterosexual women. With 21-55% of Asian women reporting experiences of intimate physical and/or sexual violence during their lifetime, the implications for LGBTQ API individuals are extensive. Yet while the number of anti-violence programs serving Asian and Pacific Islander communities has grown considerably over the last decades, there is little research and still very few culturally-specific resources for LGBTQ survivors of gender-based violence.

This webinar will offer a framework for understanding Asian and Pacific Islander LGBTQ experiences of gender-based violence, and the multiple barriers that these survivors face when seeking support. Integrating highlights from the Institute’s September 2019 Roundtable on API LGBTQ communities, this presentation will provide ideas and recommendations for organizations to engage and serve API LGBTQ survivors more effectively.

Organizing in Asia: A Presentation by Grace Poore, OutRight Action International

This report summarizes a presentation by Grace Poore, Regional Program Coordinator for Asia and the Pacific Islands at Outright Action International. The presentation and following Q&A set the context of struggles and activism for LGBT rights in Asian countries, and includes critical analysis, research, discussions among activists, backlash and its impacts, societal contexts, and movement strategies infusing the work for LGBT rights and safety in Asia.

Violence: Through the Lens of Lesbians, Bisexual Women and Trans People in Asia, 2014

Conducted by Outright International, this five-country study (Sri Lanka, Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Japan) confirmed the existence of complex layers of intersecting discrimination where violence against LBT individuals was not only motivated by rejection of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression but, in many instances, also other identity markers; and how LBT individuals were punished by their families and communities for “betraying” their heritage, religion, and culture.

By the Korean American Coalition to End Domestic Abuse (KACEDA)


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