Who gets killed?

The answer to this question is crucial to understanding the struggles of battered women to survive their abusive relationships and to protect the safety of their children, family and friends.

Who did the killing?

This is also a critical question because it reminds us who is responsible for these deaths; bringing into sharp focus the relationships that batterers hijack for the final time when they transition from abusers to killers.


The first national study of its kind, this report analyzes clippings from newspapers and advocates for a 6 year period, 2000-2005.

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Global Study on Homicide: Gender-related killing of women and girls, 2018

By United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Around 87,000 women were killed around the world in 2017, including 50,000 (58%) at the hands of intimate partners or family members. This amounts to some six women being killed every hour by people they know. This study examines available homicide data to analyze the gender-related killing of women and girls, with a specific focus on intimate partner and family-related homicide and how this relates to the status and roles of women in society and the domestic sphere.

by Chic Dabby, Hetana Patel and Grace Poore

February 2010

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