Fall is finally upon us, and it brings Domestic Violence Awareness Month! Throughout the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing snapshots from our research on DV in Asian and Pacific Islander communities, as well as highlighting some of the inspiring work API community-based agencies are doing. In the meantime, here are three ways you can help center API survivors in DVAM

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Teach: Mainstream perception is that domestic violence is not an issue in Asian communities. “Model Minority” has long become a household term, minimizing the experiences of the 21-55% of Asian women who experience violence from a partner. Pacific Islanders, a minority within the API minority, are further overlooked due to their relatively small U.S. population. Our factsheets aim to increase visibility of API survivor stories and needs. Please help us by sharing them with your friends and networks!

 Speak: This month, we’re excited to be participating in NRCDV’s #1Thing campaign, because like NRCDV, we believe that change can start with only #1Thing. Visit their campaign website for ideas for #1Things as big as hosting a community event and as small as resharing something on your social media. Together, our #1Things can have a collective impact towards increasing awareness and support for API survivors of domestic violence.

Give: In 2018, NNEDV’s national 1-day domestic violence services census found that 9,183 requests for services went unmet due to insufficient resources. That means that almost ten thousand survivors went without shelter, transportation, childcare, or other needs on just that one day. This DVAM, consider donating money, giftcards, or household items to a local shelter — many agency websites list needed items like clothing or toiletries. Or, volunteer your time at a shelter or at a community event! Here are 160+ agencies serving API communities we’ve worked with that could use your support.

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