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Asian and Pacific Islander activists in the anti-domestic violence movement are extraordinary, constantly building programs and organizing communities to address gender-based violence. There is a large group of powerful women leaders, who may not even define themselves as such, doing amazing work. Volunteers – male, female, youth, elderly – provide countless hours in programs, sometimes staffing entire organizations for years, and almost always in addition to busy lives as workers, home-makers, students, and parents. Advocates often encounter the hostility of their own communities, the inhospitable climate of multiple and baffling systems, and the urgency of so many victims in crisis. They may themselves be survivors of gender-based violence. Nevertheless, they have created a dynamic set of resources for women and other victims in their communities.

The Directory lists roughly 150 agencies in the U.S. that have culturally-specific programs designed for survivors from Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities. Also available is the online database, which can be used to search for agencies by location, services provided, language capacity, and more. When possible, information in the Directory has been self-reported by agencies. As service and language capacity can change frequently, please reach out to agencies directly for the most up-to-date information.

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Updated May 2023

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