This curriculum is designed to reduce compartmentalized services, explore how advocate discomfort inhibits victim disclosure, and address sexual abuses experienced by immigrants and refugees in their home countries and conflict zones. It aims to equip participants to identify 4-8 forms of sexual violence that women in API, immigrant and refugee communities may face, and to organize discussions on incorporating sexual violence interventions into their programs.

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Webinar for Advocates and Adult Allies! Sexual Harassment & AAPI Teens

Do you know what signs to look for and what steps to take if a teen or young adult encounters sexual or other harassment in the workplace? At the EEOC, we have seen that young workers at their first jobs can be especially vulnerable to harassment whether due to sex, national origin and other characteristics. Make a difference in the lives of the Asian and Pacific Islander teens and young adults you serve by learning how to recognize and refer cases, and understanding the role you can play to address workplace sexual harassment.

Presented by EEOC San Francisco. Hosted by API-GBV.



January 2007






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