Shot in India, Sri Lanka, Canada and the US, The Children We Sacrifice is a 61-minute video documentary that explores the universal crime of incestuous sexual abuse through the prism of South Asian experience. Through stories by women abused from as young as two, the 61-minute video looks at the social and cultural resistance to dealing with incest and how it affects South Asian women on two continents. Throughout the documentary, images of childhood are juxtaposed against the ironies of home as source of refuge and violation, family as source of comfort and betrayal. This is no sensationalist treatment of the women who share their stories of abuse but a celebration of their struggle and resilience. It is a moving validation of those who confront different levels of silences around a deeply camouflaged issue.

The video is available in English, Hindi, Tamil and Bengali. It is currently being translated into Sinhala in Sri Lanka.

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