Message from Executive Director, Chic Dabby, on her retirement and departure from the Institute

I’m awash in a multitude of feelings as I announce my forthcoming departure from the Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence. I will mark my 70th birthday next year with my retirement. Building and growing the Institute has been the highlight of my career because all of you have been so amazing and taught me so much! I deeply appreciate the love and respect you have all gifted to me.

In my 20 years at the Institute, we have made remarkable contributions to our communities of Asian and Pacific Islander CBOs, advocates, survivors, community organizers and activists – with significant impact on the field arising from our analysis of gender-based violence, from our research and data collection, from our influences on public policy and systems change to promote culturally and linguistically-specific advocacy, and from our movement-building work. What I treasure most is the support and space the Institute has created for API advocates – elevating their work, their expertise, and their deep knowledge of and commitment to API communities. I’m proud that our work has contributed so much, for so many.

The Institute’s Board members, Debbie Lee (chair), Leni Marin, Linda Phan, Lori Kodama, and Sujata Warrier, will lead the search for a new leader. My colleagues in the office – Ana Paula Noguez Mercado, Cannon Han, Grace Huang, Hai Chan, Marcy Delisle, Sarah Khan, Shirley Luo, and Yein Pyo – will continue to serve our field and communities, with their hallmark passion, intelligence and dedication. I’ll provide whatever support is needed to manage a smooth leadership transition. I plan to hand over my fiduciary and management responsibilities by March 31, 2020to a new or interim Executive Director.  My very last day on the job will be July 1, 2020 by which date I will have completed the programmatic responsibilities I have already committed to.

As I close the book on a 40-year career in the U.S., I will be cheering you all on as I delve into my pile of unread books, take vacations, and play with my granddaughter!

Thank you for all you do for survivors, children, families, communities, and our movement.

As always,