How do family and community generated risk factors, like abuse by in-laws or victim-blaming affect safety planning for Asian survivors?

Given that Asian immigrant and refugee women can be overrepresented in intimate homicide victim statistics and there are unique dynamics of domestic violence in our communities, a culturally-specific Danger Assessment on intimate homicide risk and a tailored safety planning intervention is being developed/tested. The weWomen, myPlan (WWmyPlan) study lets survivors assess the level of danger in their relationship and get a safety plan based on their priorities.

So far, out of 600 immigrant and refugee women who have participated in this national study, only 35 are Asian. As a partner on this project, the Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence wants your help to reach 200 Asian women domestic violence survivors so that the tool and the intervention can benefit them and also be a resource for advocates.

Let’s connect meaningful data from Asian women on risk and safety factors. Share this flyer!