Our Directory of Domestic & Gender Violence Programs Serving Asians and Pacific Islanders includes information on over 160 amazing organizations across the U.S. and territories providing culturally-specific services or resources to Asian and Pacific Islander survivors of abuse. The Directory now also includes networks or coalitions providing resources, technical assistance/training, advocacy against gender-based violence, or other community services for API individuals. 

The Directory is used by advocates, survivors, and coalitions to find services or referrals, and the online database can be used to filter by location, by types of services, by language, or by ethnicities served. The directory is a reminder of how activists and advocates from API communities have organized, over the decades, to challenge cultural and patriarchal norms that have justify or minimize gender violence. 

Quick facts from the updated Directory:

  • Agencies provide services in over 75 Asian/Pacific Islander languages
  • Agencies provide services to survivors of over 56 Asian/Pacific Islander ethnicities
  • 78% of agencies conduct case management 
  • 65% of agencies provide interpretation or translation 
  • In addition to addressing domestic violence cases, 72% of agencies also have specialized services for sexual abuse/sexual assault survivors, and 44% also have specialized services for individuals experiencing abuse from in-laws

Download the updated Directory or browse the Online Database

and download our report A-Z Advocacy Model: Asians and Pacific Islanders Build an Inventory of Evidence-Informed Practices to learn more about the work done by directory agencies.