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Apr 21, 2021 (9am HST / 12pm PST / 2pm CST / 3pm EST)

These bi-monthly community connect calls are intended to be a space for AANHPI advocates, community members, and allies to connect, dialogue, share successes, problem solve, and network. API-GBV staff will be available to moderate and encourage discussion, but this is a space for YOU, as the experts of this work, to share your experiences and to learn from allies across the country.

April’s Theme: Sexual Assault Awareness Month + Anti-AAPI Violence

While racism and violence against Asians and Pacific Islanders in the U.S. has recently catapulted into wider attention, our communities have endured hate as long as their history in this country. From the Chinese Exclusion Act and Japanese Internment Camps, to every day exotification and fetishization of AAPI women and assaults against AAPI elders, AAPI individuals have been made to feel like outsiders in their own country.

In April’s call, we will hold space for advocates, community members, and allies to reflect on the tragedy in Atlanta, the escalation of harassment against Asians, and how embedded misogyny and racism manifest into sexual violence against AAPI individuals. Whether you show up from a place of sorrow for the victims and survivors, anger that our vulnerable are being targeted, or frustration that it has taken Atlanta’s shootings to draw attention to a fight our communities have been fighting for decades, you will be welcome. We hope that the call will be an opportunity to honor our emotional responses, as well as a chance to envision solutions and learn about what is being done.

Future meeting themes will be determined based on participants’ interest.

Other details:

Meetings will be hosted on Zoom, and you are encouraged to join with video and voice to the extent that you are comfortable. These calls will not be recorded, but we may share takeaways, without identifying information, with our staff or community.

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