Next call: May 12, 2022 (9am HST / 12pm PST / 3pm CST / 3pm EST) (1.5hr)

These bi-monthly community connect calls are intended to be a space for AANHPI advocates, community members, and allies to connect, dialogue, share successes, problem solve, and network. API-GBV staff will be available to moderate and encourage discussion, but this is a space for YOU, as the experts of this work, to share your experiences and to learn from allies across the country.

May’s Theme Accounting for our communities: Strategies and solutions for disaggregated AAPI data

The nearly 17 million AAPI people in the U.S. represent a staggeringly diverse array of identities, backgrounds, and cultures. Unfortunately, the currently available data, whether on gender-based violence or simple demographics, does a poor job of capturing this diversity, and as a result, the experiences of several communities are invisibalized. Data scarcity also leads to inadequate allocation of funding and resources, or services that are not properly informed by need.

Join our APAHM Bridges Community Connect Call on May 12th, 2022 to discuss this critical lack of data and learn about recent research initiatives, including community-driven projects!

We will offer the following questions for discussions, among others:

  • Which AAPI communities or groups are “left out” of the current research
  • What are some reasons that disaggregated data on AAPI experiences are so scarce, especially when it comes to GBV-related data?
  • How does your organization collect and use information on the community you serve?
  • What data would be most useful to your work?

ASL interpretation and live captioning provided.

Other details:

Meetings will be hosted on Zoom, and you are encouraged to join with video and voice to the extent that you are comfortable. These calls will not be recorded, but we may share takeaways, without identifying information, with our staff or community. ASL interpretation and captioning will be provided. Please get in contact with us, or indicate in your RSVP, if you require additional interpretation or accessibility features.

If you cannot make February’s call, but would like to be on the list for future dates, please email

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