Light blue background. Brown and cream flower pot with blue and orange flowers at top, with "API-GBV 2022 Highlights: Growing stronger, together as we adapt to our new world" on flower pot. 15 flower pots on shelves with green sprouts, each with an API-GBV highlight on the flower pot. API-GBV logo, website, phone number, and social media handle at bottom.

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The year of 2022 was a year of new beginnings and hope as we all learned to live after and with the effects of the pandemic.  We knew our lives were forever changed but were unsure with what this change meant.  Some areas of purpose and focus that we had slated for 2022 remained the same but others had significantly changed and adapted to the happenings in our world.  In 2022, we continued to see varied acts of violence against our AAPI community members and we saw community-based organizations respond in creative but impactful ways.  We’ve seen stakeholders in our community meet together to respond to these acts and raise our needs to provide support and movement building efforts, so that no one needed to feel alone while they were hurting.  API-GBV has been at the precipice of gender-based violence issues within our community for 20 years and we will continue our advocacy, training and technical assistance efforts while curating cutting edge resources. During the year of 2023, you will see more of what we do best and begin providing funding for domestic violence and sexual assault direct service organization.  There will always be more transformative work to be done and API-GBV looks forward to rolling up our sleeves to do this work with you!

Monica Khant

Executive Director