Today marks two years since eight people, among them six Asian massage workers, were killed at spas in the Atlanta area. This heinous act of racial and gender-based violence resulted in terrible loss that devastated our communities, and its impact is still felt today. We continue to remember the victims and grieve with their loved ones.

Even as our communities rebuild, we are continuously faced with acts of anti-AAPI hate and gender-based violence, including the loss of Frances Kendra Lucero in a domestic homicide in Daly City last week. We must recognize the intersection of race and gender that AAPI women exist in. We must amplify the needs of and resources for AAPI women. We must push for a societal and cultural shift that prioritizes the safety AAPI women. We must protect AAPI women, today, and every day.

Read our statement on the Atlanta spa shootings and our statement from the 1-year anniversary of the Atlanta spa shootings.

Access the GoFundMe for Frances Kendra Lucero. For additional resources and support, please contact the Filipino Community Center.

Image 1: Monica, API-GBV’s Executive Director, at the Asian Americans Rise Against Hate Rally in Atlanta

Image 2-6: From the Asian Americans Advancing Justice Tree Planting Commemoration for the Atlanta spa victims