Domestic Violence in Specific Ethnic Communities

The problem of domestic violence manifests differently across communities: prevalence and incidence rates, attitudes to domestic violence and help-seeking, culturally rooted types of abuses, and traditional norms for women and men, vary. What we know about API ethnic groups depends on the extent of the research being done; and available data has been compiled into fact sheets.

Fact Sheets on Domestic Violence in Specific Ethnic Communities include:

  1. Census data on demographics and English proficiency
  2. Statistics on domestic violence
  3. Select translated materials (i.e. safety planning and legal glossaries)
  4. Other Resources (i.e. international and national service directories)
  5. Lifetime Spiral of Gender Violence handout in English and translated version if available

Country Profiles

Advocates and organizations serving immigrants and refugees deepen their advocacy when educated about the political conflicts and economic conditions their clients faced in their home countries. Country profiles provide a quick guide to history, politics, culture and economics. For more information, visit BBC NEWS | Country Profiles