Muslim Advocacy Network Against Domestic Violence


The Muslim Advocacy Network Against Domestic Violence (MANADV) is a national network comprised of predominantly Muslim advocates addressing domestic violence in Muslim communities through diverse faith-based and mainstream approaches and agencies.

The aim of MANADV is to bring together a national network of advocates, service providers, legal and health care professionals, activists, researchers, scholars, and community based organizations to strengthen culturally appropriate advocacy, encourage dialogue and collaboration, develop models and analyses, and disseminate resources.

This network was formed with the understanding that, though many communities have organized to provide services for Muslim survivors, there is an urgent need to diminish the isolation many advocates experience, and to build a national network where advocates share resources, exchange information, build alliances, and strategize about intervention and prevention. This network is a coordinated effort to empower survivors, deepen advocacy, strengthen families, and organize communities.

The network is a collaborative endeavor consisting of a working group led by the Peaceful Families Project (PFP) and the Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence (API Institute). Combining their expertise in technical assistance, community outreach, training, resource development, research, and technology, PFP and API-GBV provide the infrastructure and support to facilitate the Muslim Advocacy Network’s goals.


Resources, information, and events relevant to advocates serving Muslims are made available through “Sharifa’s List”, which is now housed with the API Institute, and disseminates periodic digests.

We invite advocates to join “Sharifa’s List”. For questions, send an email to To share news of relevant events, initiatives, and resources, send an email to

To share news of MANADV among your networks, download and share this flyer.


Currently, the following resources are available for the network


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