Interpretation Technical Assistance & Resource Center (ITARC)

ITARC offers advocates, interpreters, and social and legal services providers:

Training & Technical Assistance on:

  • Federal and state laws and policies on language access in civil and criminal courts,
  • Meeting the needs of culturally diverse victims/survivors with limited English proficiency,
  • Improving language access policies and practices in organizations and systems,
  • Roles and responsibilities of advocates and systems personnel at various points of contact,
  • Model programs and practices for interpretation services,
  • Training and qualifying standards for court interpretation, and
  • Finding and working with interpreters.

Resource Center materials on:

  • Demographics and Census Data
  • Glossaries and Dictionaries
  • Guidelines and Standards
  • Interpretation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Language Access Laws and Plans
  • Language Identification Tools
  • Model Court Interpreter Legislation
  • Manuals, Models, Training Curricula
  • Technologies for Interpretation
  • Translated Materials
  • Translation
  • Web Based Trainings

Contact Us for Technical Assistance & Questions

For questions or to request more information, please contact Cannon Han at or Wendy Lau at or call 415.568.3326.