Intervention | Advocacy In Systems

The successful history of institutional or systems advocacy is a corner stone of the battered women’s movement. The reach of systems has grown, in large part due to the recognition of the complexity of violence against women and its consequences; the co-occurrence of problems, such as domestic violence and child abuse; and attempts to ameliorate unintended consequences. Unfortunately, the backlash against battered women has also grown; and systems designed to help victims have also caused them harm. When systems work well, they are empowering, just, fair – vehicles for change. Advocates have focused on institutional or systems advocacy in the face of policies and procedures that become barriers, instead of gateways to services and resources for Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander victims/survivors.

The API Institute’s work on systems advocacy analyzes critical issues, surfaces cultural contexts and barriers, and makes recommendations to change practice in the following:

  • Language Access and Interpretation
  • Child Welfare System
  • Child Custody
  • Mental Health and Trauma
  • Immigration
  • Law Enforcement

Resources on Systems Advocacy

Battered Women's Justice Project (BWJP)

Ms. Foundation for Women

Praxis International

“At their best, systems are gateways to empowering services and resources; at their worst, they can be the very barriers to access they were designed to overcome.”