TOOLS: Blanketed By Blame

The API Institute has developed a skit that is easy to stage; engages any audience; and by contrasting victim-blaming with empowerment, it shows what a difference a friend, a parent, a child, a professional, a community can make.

Dramatization by the Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence
Based on an exercise developed by Ellen Pence
Credited to the Duluth Project and Ellen Pence
Adapted by Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence

1. Blanketed By Blame: Maya’s Story

Maya's Story raises awareness about:

  • Domestic violence
  • Victim-blaming by family and community members
  • What a difference support can make
  • Women’s experiences of oppression and liberation
  • Harms that everyone suffers
  • Empowerment that strengthens everyone.

2. Cargada con la Culpa, Fortalecida por el Apoyo: La Historia de Isabel

A Spanish-language adaptation of Maya's Story.

3. Blanketed By Tradition: Riwa’s Story

Riwa's Story raises awarenesss about:

  • Rigid gender expectations by women and men
  • How they perpetuate harsh and unforgiving environments
  • Frozen culture in refugee and immigrant communities
  • Benefits of change to women, men, elders, youth and children of
  • How gender equality enriches family and community life.

Blanketed By Blame has been used in Alabama, Arizona, Bangladesh, California, Hawai'i, Lebanon, Minnesota, Ohio, Palestine, Texas, Wisconsin… let us know if you use it and we’ll add your location to the list.
We grant permission to adapt the text, change characters, names, translate the skits, etc. Please fully credit the API Institute and send us a copy of the adapted version.

Adapted Scripts

“One of the audience members said that she no longer feels ‘suffocated’…because now she can breathe.”


“You could hear a pin drop in the room…that’s how powerful the skit was; it was fantastic.”


“So many people said they were touched by the skit, the message was so clear, it brought tears to their eyes.”